Terms and Conditions for registration of B2B Suppliers

Under this Terms & Conditions, a B2B supplier is any company, sole trader or natural person, who supplies eshops with goods. Eshops Association will after the registration = categorisation of supplier publish on its websites such information as:

  • logo;
  • URL - domain of eshop;
  • short description – in all categories and subcategories where your goods or services are offered and with max 180 characters in each one.  There is a condition of information truthfulness;

This publication in Supplier’s Catalogue will be charged with a fee of 30,00 Euro/year (without VAT) for every supplier’s URL. It means that every individual URL address (domain) is paid individually. Payment in advance.  This information will be published in three Supplier’s Catalogues at Eshops Association websites:

Next promotion of supplier through buttons LINK - DETAIL,

preview - link buttonpreview - detail button

or different promotion of supplier at Eshops Association websites is separately charged service. More information about at support@eshopa.eu.

Any supplier of goods for eshops in European Union can have published information at Eshops Association websites. About information publishing will be supplier notified per email – after data authentication.  Information publishing is subject to approval by the Eshops Association. There is no legal entitlement to information publishing. In case of wrong or misleading data, they won't be published. Vulgar and offensive expressions will be deleted. All expressions will be deleted as well that are not in accordance with the legislation of Slovak Republic and the European Union, that are not in accordance with good moral principles, all expressions that are encouraging and promoting racism, terrorism or extremism, etc.  

This website operator is Eshops Association of European Union, with registered seat in Slovakia, Laurinská 3/A, SK - 81101 Bratislava, ID-number: 42267251. After the agreement of these Terms & Conditions, the legal representative of supplier agrees with publishing of data entered in registration forms on Eshops Association websites, such as: the name of supplier, logo and short description. Other provided data will be used only for necessary internal purposes of Association (e.g. billing, etc.), and those data won’t be provided to third parties. Only in case of agreement of the legal representative of supplier or in case of obligations required by law of Slovak Republic and European Union. After the agreement with these Terms & Conditions, the legal representative of the supplier also agrees with the sending of Eshops Association’s newsletters and other information materials on the specified e-mail address. This agreement can be anytime cancelled by sending email at support@eshopa.eu.

All information provided on Eshops Association’s webpages is governed by law of Slovak Republic and the law of the European Union applicable in area of Slovak Republic. It is valid at the time of approval by the legal representative of the supplier. Eshops Association reserves the right to change or add any information of Terms & Conditions. All data such as logos, trademarks, photos, graphics, texts, software applications and other provided at Eshops Association’s webpages, are owned by Eshops Association, A-net group, partners of Eshops Association or legal representatives of eshops, services or goods suppliers, who have provided them to us. Ownerships are protected by copyright and related rights.

In the event of a dispute are valid for the purposes of deciding only Courts of the Slovak Republic. This Terms & Conditions were approved by Presidium of Eshops Association, 22.10.2017.

Peter Papan

CEO | Eshops Association