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Planéta B2B medzi rukami

Catalogue of Goods Suppliers for Slovak and Czech eshops. Promotion of some basic information about goods suppliers for eshops. E-commerce, B2C + B2B and IT services at one place. Let's supply Czech and Slovak eshops. The right way to European Digital Single Market. 

After the registration will Eshops Association publish such information as:

  • logo;
  • URL;
  • short description – in all categories and subcategories where your goods or services are offered and with max 180 characters in each one.

The publication of information entered in Supplier's catalogue is charged annually €30/year (without VAT) for each supplier's URL. This data will be published in three Supplier's Catalogues on Eshops Association websites:

Supplier's Catalogue is here for eshops. It enables every eshop to find new business partners, to expand its product line and to be competitive. Wholesale marketers are supplying goods to eshops in amount around 80 billion Czech crowns. But due to low awareness and unavailability of data, eshops shoppers depend on narrow group of few suppliers, which are also mostly eshops.

Eshops Association in cooperation with suppliers are co-presenting these B2B suppliers presentation. For better clarity are suppliers in catalogue divided into categories and sub-categories almost identical with eshops segmentation in Eshops Catalogue.

The importance of the B2B market is constantly increasing, as shown by data and numbers:

on-line B2B share in total B2B trade in USA

on-line B2B perspective

Regarding to the common market we're presenting Czech and Slovak eshops in one common Catalogue of eshops. For Czech Republic it is at, for Slovakia at and for other countries of European Union it is at

Further informations HERE: Terms and conditions for Suppliers.

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