Valentine's Day - 14.02.

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentinus was Roman Christian priest and doctor living in Rome during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius Claudius, who is usually portrayed with a chalice in his left hand and a sword in his right. If we leave legends, we find out, that Pope Gelasius I., who first declared February 14 a holy day, didn't know much about his life. Probably he was just looking for a substitution of pagan Feast of Lupercus, which was celebrated in Rome on February 15 each year.

Written Valentine began to appear later after 1400. The first written valentine (formerly known as “poetical or amorous addresses”) is traditionally attributed to the imprisoned Charles, Duke of Orleans in 1415. While confined in the Tower of London, the young Duke reportedly passed his time by writing romantic verses for his wife. And the tradition began to spread in the nineteenth century mostly, when the Valentine Greeting Cards started to be mass-produced. Other businessmen picked up on this and they gradually started offering some valentine chocolates and sweets, flower bouquets, toys and other gifts.

What are the most popular St. Valentine's Day gifts today?

  • flowers
  • perfumes
  • lingerie
  • erotic goods
  • chocolate
  • travelling and other.

Eshops records more than 15% increase in sales with average single purchase price around of 50 Euro.
It is interesting, that 80% of men would abolish this Feast, but 70% of women prefer to celebrate it regularly. 

Eshops Association has an ambition to present on its websites an overview of on-line stores that will take part with their offers and discounts in Valentine's Day 2019.