Single's Day – 11.11.

single bear on a chair - alone, osamelý medveď na stoličke

„Are you alone, no one buy you something – give yourself a gift.”
It's not only a Single's Day, but also a day of lonely people who are waiting in vain for some gifts.
All of the ones in the date - 11.11. - symbolize the biggest day of on-line shopping in the world.  During that day, online stores are launching the biggest sales of the year for its customers. 
Single's Day history dates back to 1990, it started as reaction to American Valentine's Day, as a kind of anti-Valentines Day. It takes place on November 11 annually, to cheer up some lonely hearts with cheap shopping. 
Alibaba joined this shopping fever in 2009, when Alibaba's CEO Daniel Zhang came up with idea to reduce prices radically during one day. Since then Singles Day grew into the one of the biggest 24-hour on-line shopping marathons in the world and spread among 400.000 retail outlets and eshops, a lot of them received more orders per that one day than normally per month. 
Revenues for this day in 2015 reached only in China more than 12 billion dollars.

Eshops Association has an ambition to present on its websites an overview of on-line stores that will take part with their offers and discounts in Single's Day 2018.