2015 – European Union´s digital single market;

2016 – single taxonomy;  

2016 – Certification of Suppliers of Eshops Association;

2016 – 1. Year of competitions: Prize for B2B of the year and Prize for E-commerce services provider of the year;

Digital Single Market

In beginning of May 2015 European Commission presented her digital single market strategy. This market should boost the EU economy and create jobs, should simplify and standardise online shopping for consumers and companies across the whole EU.

Taška s logom EUMain topics:

  • E-commerce simplifying;
  • Postal services – delivering;
  • End of geoblocking;
  • VAT
  • Intellectual property rights;
  • Borderless mobile data connectivity;
  • Personal data protection;
  • Online platforms analysis;
  • Big data;

We will inform you about further progress, what should guarantee not to make decisions “about us – without us”, and about participation of Eshops Association in those processes.

Single taxonomy

Taxonomy – a systematic classification and name attributions, product descriptions, product categories and subcategories. 
For most eshops and wholesalers presenting their offer of products through online shop, was the products nomenclature including their classification into categories developed spontaneously.

3 knihy slovníkyHistorically, eshops started selling products with the greatest interest of consumers. In the beginning, the nomenclature copied the nomenclature in retails, f.e. electronics, white goods, household appliances … The nomenclature in eshops was thereafter used also in wholesale. 

First attempts to unify the taxonomy were recorded on Google and on Price comparators of products, mostly in one of the most popular in Czech and Slovak online area – in Heureka. Unfortunately, by the natural progress from simple to complicated. The first simple 2 – 3 product categories were bonded by next, until the current status. Product nomenclatures are occurred in wrong form, what leads to incorrect searching or incorrect categorization in Internet Search Engines.  E.g.: petang, petangue, petanq, and many others… The client cannot orient himself and eshop is vainly waiting… 

We will inform you about further informations.