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Catalogue of Slovak and Czech eshops together. Free registration and promotion of some basic information about eshops (free of charge). E-commerce, B2C + B2B and IT services at one place. Let's shop in Czech and Slovak eshops. The right way to European Digital Single Market. Marketing for free in Eshops Catalogue at websites of Eshops Association.

Registration and as well the categorisation of eshops in Eshops Catalogue is for free. As well the promotion of basic eshop information is permanently for free – domain, logo, short description in each category and subcategory where your goods or services are offered. Your eshops will be published (within the meaning of) in three Eshops Catalogues on Eshops Association websites:

With a free registration and promotion of small and medium-sized companies in Eshops Catalogue is Eshops Association of European Union helping to create unified categorization and taxonomy for prepared European Union Single Market and at the same time provides to SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) free promotion.

Eshops CatalogueSupplier's B2B Catalogue and e-commerce Services Catalogue is here as part of a new, modern presentation and communication platform of European Union between eshop, buyer and eshops B2B suppliers and service providers for eshops. 

Buyers, Eshops B2B Suppliers and Service providers for eshops, will have their market like in the palms of their hands.

B2C in hand

At the present time, informations about more than 40.000 eshops in Slovak and Czech Rupublic, are fragmented in tens of lists and catalogues. Considering that and also regarding to the common market we're presenting Czech and Slovak eshops in one common Catalogue of eshops. For Czech Republic it is at, for Slovakia at and for other countries of European Union it is at

Dear eshop owner. 

The current relevance of the data can be ensured only in cooperation with you. In case your eshop is in Eshops Catalogue already, please, check the currency of the entered data. If you are interested in some changes in e.g. categories or subcategories range, text amendments in descriptions… enter your data and complete the form in Registration = Categorisation. Under the Terms and Conditions, is data updating for free.

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