Excellent SME Certificate Coface Slovakia and Eshops AssociationEuropean Union Eshops Association is an authority and in cooperation with Coface Slovakia, together they are issuers of the Excellent SME Certificate for eshops, for their suppliers of goods and for e-commerce service providers in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

It’s a first on-line provided Certificate. Its validity as well as information about certified company, can be verified by your prospective customers directly through QR code.

In the future, there is an ambition of Eshops Association to issue this Certificate also in other EU countries.

For the purpose to achieve uniform conditions and evaluation methodology unification, according to EU recommendations, the evaluator of companies requesting for Excellent Certificate is Coface Slovakia Credit Management Services, Ltd. in all European countries. 

The French company COFACE is directly represented in 66 countries. Its main activities are credit insurance and support for entrepreneurship of small and medium-sized enterprises… They provide guarantees in almost 200 countries around the world.

Excellent SME Certification Coface Slovakia and Eshops AssociationConditions for granting the Excellent SME Certificate: 

  • the company should fulfil the conditions of EU for classification in category of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises SMEs, with an annual turnover not exceeding EUR 50 million, with total assets value until EUR 43 million;
  • the company have to achieve minimum annual turnover of EUR 25.000;
  • the company have to achieve COFACE risk assessment rating at required level.

Further information you can find directly at COFACE website, or you are welcome to contact us for detailed information at support@eshopa.eu.