Basic Facts

Eshops Association was founded in 2012 under the name Asociácia E-SHOPOV Slovenska (E-shops Association of Slovakia), as Civil Association, registered by Ministerstvo vnútra Slovenskej republiky (Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic), under the number: VVS/1-900/90-40195. Gradually, based on market requirements and its partners, it transformed into its current form and changed also its name to European Union Eshops Association, abbreviated to Eshops Association. It addresses e-commerce market not only in Czech and Slovak Republic, but also in other Member States of European Union.

Whom is the Association addressing?

  1. eshops and online shops in Slovakia, Czech Republic and other Member States of European Union;
  2. natural business partners:
  • B2B suppliers of goods for eshops – wholesalers, manufacturers, importers of goods;
  • suppliers of e-commerce services.

Main goals:

  • support of the whole e-commerce market, which are eshops and their B2B suppliers in view of the growing competition from Asia and USA;
  • to increase competitiveness of eshops and their B2B suppliers;
  • alerting competent and public to market size and its importance;
  • to maintain employment;
  • education of e-commerce market.

Membership in Eshops Association

Eshops Association is voluntary Civil association. Membership in the Association is open to all eshops – on behalf of – established in European Union.

How to become a full member of Eshops Association?

At first you should make a registration in Eshops Catalogue. Eshop is not automatically a full member only with the registration.

In case of serious interest in full membership in Eshops Association, please contact us at