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„Online sales in Czech Republic and in Slovakia are increasing similar to European markets in average of 15 - 20%. If we look to year 2016, we expect the online turnover across Europe will reach borders of 625 billions EURo. “

̶  Wijnand Jongen, Chairman of executive Committee of E-commerce Europe   ̶

The executive Committee of E-commerce Europe was wrong. In 2016 online sales crossed the border of 650 billions. 


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5 BILLION EUROs in 2017

On-line market together with support services provides employment for thousands of Czech and Slovak people.  And that is really remarkable...

In 2017, probably for the first time in history, sales will exceed the border of 100 billion Czech crowns. Some estimates talk about 110 billion Czech crowns. Together with Slovak sales we can speak about sales exceeding border of 5 billion euros. The share in the total retail turnover of Czech Republic is close to 10%, in Slovakia is about 6.5%. These are estimated shared revenues of approximately 37.000 Czech and 8.000 Slovak eshops. It's a huge number that indicates the size and importance of this market. But it is far from the final number. It represents only retail sales. Wholesale and e-commerce services are essential part of those business. If we add wholesale (B2B) turnovers of eshops suppliers and turnovers of e-commerce services sector to B2C turnovers, we would be right, that the market is noteworthy. Not only for its turnovers. Mainly for providing employment for hundreds of thousands Czech and Slovak people. And that's really noteworthy...

Eshops Associations connects eshops in Czech and Slovak Republic. The market in Slovak and Czech Republic is interconnected. Interconnected through intelligibility, family connections, employees of both states, holders' structure of hundreds of eshops and still narrow range of suppliers. We consider Czech and Slovak eshops as one common, online retail's market area.

Eshops Association is operating a new information platform that interconnects this online business area. Eshops Catalogue and two Suppliers Catalogues. The platform serves to improve the competitiveness of eshops, transparency and to raise mutual awareness of business partners. 

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They are supplying goods to eshops in amount more than 80 billion Czech crowns. On the other hand, try to find joint presentation of those B2B suppliers. Suppliers able to offer their products online. That’s why eshops depend on narrow group of few suppliers, which are also mostly eshops. Supplier's catalogue enables every eshop to find new business partners, to expand its product line and to be competitive.

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Eshop creating, web design, UX design, user friendly, remarketing, mailing, … Although several tries to create a catalogue of e-commerce services providers, is the offer for eshops difficult to understand and they have to search them hardly on Google or other  search engines. Services Catalogue is here for eshops, for their better orientation in services. It expands their business IQ, make them pay attention to techniques they didn´t use yet and the most important thing – it helps them to be competitive.

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Dear eshop owner, this catalogue is not here just for your advertising. It's here also for your Wholesale business partners. At present times, information about more than 40.000 eshops in Slovak and Czech Republic, are fragmented on internet in tens of lists and catalogues. Additionally, the goods are sorted according to needs of customers seeking and doesn't provide useful overview for suppliers offer. It is a unique suppliers' opportunity for active eshops seeking and to move their business and also eshops business forward.  

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Digital Single Market, market opening for competition from USA, Asia, … These all are good reasons to make a single market from our online area, to achieve higher eshops professionalism with better awareness of all its subjects and helping them to by competitive.